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the Ponds, what a cute family photo


the Ponds, what a cute family photo

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Melody Pond
Murray Gold

"I don’t just want to take your breath away. I want to rip it from your mouth and keep it locked away between my teeth. You can only have it back if you kiss me again.”

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The bar was crowded and noisy that night – some lousy band was holding a concert, and while they had started out all right, things had only gone downhill. River almost felt sorry for them – four or five sophomores, now barely audible over the jeers of the unimpressed crowd. She knocked back the last of her cocktail and grimaced. Almost.

      She knew it was Anita behind her before she’d even spoken. “Riv?”


      “We gotta talk.”

      River turned in her seat, her eyebrows raised. Anita was doing that thing again – the thing where she stood there with her jaw set and her eyes hard, obviously trying very hard to be serious and assertive and everything she wasn’t, while her fingers twisted together anxiously and her knees locked. “All right. Then let’s talk.”

      “Not here.” Much to River’s surprise, Anita seized her by the upper arm and dragged her to her feet. Perhaps she wasn’t the only one drinking that night. Together the women weaved through the crowds, making a beeline for the back door, but once they were outside in the warm night air they only stood there, only half looking at each other, for a very long time.

      “Anita,” River said finally, but the next thing she knew Anita had grabbed her face and was kissing her hard. Groaning, she pushed her up against the dirty brick wall of the pub and kissed her back. “I thought,” she managed between kisses, gasping when Anita’s little hands began to wander. “You wanted. To talk.”

      She latched onto Anita’s throat and the darker girl whimpered. “Maybe talking can wait.”

      River couldn’t agree more.

— Anonymous
send me a ☁ and i’ll write a scene from my character’s past.

“You have got to stop doing this!”

      Mels had always loved Amy’s bedroom, with its decorations and its big comfortable bed, piled high with pillows and blankets so that she was quite sure she could wrap herself up in it all and never emerge again. (All she had was a hard cot and scratchy blankets, books upon books and a grimy window with a rubbish view. She hadn’t known jealousy before she met her mother.) She liked it less when Amy was shouting at her in it, though, standing in the middle of the room with her hands on her fists, positively crackling with anger. “Stop doing what?” she said, innocently.

      “As if she doesn’t know,” Rory snorted.

      “This is the third time this month you’ve gotten in trouble for beatin’ someone up. That poor kid’s gonna be in a cast for weeks! He didn’t even do anything to you!”

      “He was bullyin’ Rory, you saw ‘im!” Mels turned to Rory, looking at him encouragingly. He turned a blotchy shade of red and sank deeper into his seat, mumbling something about how she shouldn’t be doing things on his behalf. Mels huffed. “Besides, Hugo’s a tit. No one likes him anyway. He used to pull my pigtails in year one -”

      “That was four years ago, Mels. You gotta stop holding grudges like this. And you gotta stop hurtin’ people! You could get in real trouble one day for somethin’ like that!” Amy frowned. “Don’t even know where you’re learnin’ this stuff, it’s not like we see you takin’ classes…

      Mels was quiet at last, staring down at her own hands, the skin on her knuckles still broken and bloodied from the bully’s face. She couldn’t remember learning it, either.

Send me a ☁ and I’ll write a scene from my character’s past.
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