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Tried out the Fiona Staples colouring style again. Euuuuurgh- so much fun.

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lesbian pirates be like scissor me timbers


[River Song’s topless and squeezing him with her body (a hug, Doctor, that’s called a hug), and the Doctor’s brain is probably close to short-circuiting. Being flustered (because he is) and maybe probably a little bit out of his comfort zone should be unpleasant, but there’s nowhere else, and with no one else, he’d rather be.]

Um, [he seems to remember how words work again, now that he’s not focusing on everywhere their bodies are making contact. He smiles, so River knows he’s not panicking or anything.]

Yes. Yes, you should. [Before she can move away though, he cups her cheek and steals a kiss.]

[She knows, just knows he’s flustered - it’s not difficult to detect, and with a wolfish grin she only encourages it, pressing that much closer. She debates, just briefly, losing the bra as well, but she doesn’t want to completely fry the poor man. Yet.]

[Absolutely delighted, she smiles right back, her eyes dancing with amusement at his speechlessness. Honestly - she’d hoped he might be a bit more together in this regeneration, but apparently that was not the case.]

Wonderful - [The kiss actually takes her by surprise, but she’s more than happy to return it, raising up on her toes to get on his level properly. She only drops back down when she absolutely has to, because breathing is important, and with a soft, almost shy smile she pauses only to pat his cheek before moving away and stretching herself out on the bed, on her stomach, arms folded neatly below her chin.]

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"What you are going to be Melody, is very, very brave."

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[The movements of River’s hand causes his eyes to follow them, watching her fingers open those buttons for a moment before his gaze returns to her face, and suddenly he can’t help smiling even if he’s not certain he agrees with her assessment.]

I try, anyway, [he answers, and steps into her personal space before he really realizes he’s doing it. The Doctor goes with what feels natural, and starts with the buttons River hasn’t reached yet, meeting her in the middle. Not about to be presumptuous, he drops his hands so River can decide what’s to be done with her shirt.]

Besides, you deserve some relaxation. Y’work hard.

[She can’t quite keep the coy little grin off her face, acutely aware of the Doctor’s gaze, but this feels different from the other times she’s done this for him - more intimate, if anything, and she rather loves it. She lifts her head when he moves closer, and once they’re done with the buttons she shrugs the shirt off her shoulders entirely and closes the distance between them, sliding her arms around his middle.]

You do a very good job, I assure you.  

[She presses a lingering kiss to his cheek while she’s there, unable to resist, and considers his words. She does work hard, she supposes, and hell, she’s not about to give up a chance for a back rub. She loves back rubs.]

Shall I lie down, then?

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[Oh, gosh. His hearts flutter pleasantly when River agrees to his proposal, and why is it she’s the only person he’s entirely comfortable touching and being touched by? The Doctor withdraws his hand before he can muss her hair too much, and feels a little rush of excitement.]

Somewhere more comfortable than standin’ up, I think. [Like a couch, or something. Where ever River’s comfortable with, it’s up to her.]

Lead the way?

[She misses his touch, she really does, but at least it gives her the room to turn and look up at him, a soft smile on her face. Before his hand can go too far, though, she grabs it herself and presses a kiss to his knuckles before threading her fingers through his and holding on tight.]

I know just the place.

[Their bedroom is, quite possibly, her favourite place in the entire universe, and with the TARDIS’s help it’s also the closest room to them. Wordlessly, she leads the Doctor right to their overlarge bed and only drops his hand when she’s standing right next to it to set to work on the buttons of her shirt.] You’re too good to me, Doctor, you know that?

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[Seeing River like this really is lovely, the Doctor muses. Her soft little sighs, the delightful way she shivers. She’s lovely, and right now he can’t think of anything else he wants other than to be close to her. His fingers slide into curls to massage her scalp.]

Would you like a back rub?

[She leans back into him just a little more, just asking to be touched again - there’s nothing she loves more than people touching her hair, and she positively craves it, especially from the Doctor. She sighs again, and if a little noise of happiness escapes her lips as well she doesn’t think the other will mind too much.]

[The prospect of a back rub makes her light up completely.]

God, yes. 

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15 Associations.


Reblog and fill in the answers you most associate your character to with each question.

1. Animal? Lioness
2. Colour? Red
3. Month? June
4. Song? Bad Reputation - Joan Jett and the Black Hearts
5. Number? 69
6. Day or Night? Night
7. Plant? Poison Ivy
8. Smell? Ozone, lipstick
9. Periodic Element? Bismuth
10. Season? Summer
11. Place? Avalon
12. Food? Chocolate chip cookies
13. Astrological Sign? Taurus.
14. Element(s)? Fire, water
15. Drink? Wine

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[Her reaction doesn’t escape him, and the best description for his grin is wicked.] Hello, dear. [His fingers continue their mission, thumb stroking the back of River’s neck.] Not interruptin’ anything, am I?

[She can’t see him, of course, but she just knows he’s wearing one of his shit-eating grins, and to her credit she tries really hard not to shiver again purely because she doesn’t want to give him the satisfaction. But she does anyway, and arches into the touch with a sigh of contentment.] Not at all.

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[Plays with her hair.]

[sucks in a sharp breath, and shivers.]

      Mm, hello.


i got out of bed at 11:30 to make this


favourite character meme

↳ [2/4] relationships - River Song & Amelia Pond

"What you are going to be, Melody, is very very brave.”

♦: Slow dancing

There was dancing, and then there was dancing, and River was never sure which one she liked most. It varied, she supposed, because right now this definitely seemed like the greatest thing in the world. She’d just been flying, minding her own business when the music started, and the next thing she knew the Doctor had pried her away from the controls and they were dancing. “You’re ridiculous,” she admonished, but she was smiling all the same as they twirled around the console room. Unable to resist, she pressed close, resting her forehead on his shoulder and closing her eyes. 

This was never easy, their relationship, but sometimes - just sometimes, times like this, it was worth it.

  • ♔ : Finding your muse wearing their clothes
  • ♕: Holding hands
  • ♖: Having their hair washed by your muse
  • ♗: Your muse falling asleep with their head in my muse's lap.
  • ♘: Cuddling in a blanket fort
  • ♙: Sharing a bed
  • ♚: Head scratches
  • ♛: Sharing a dessert
  • ♜: Shoulder rubs
  • ♝: Reading a book together
  • ♞: Caring for each other while ill (specify which party is which)
  • ♟: Patching up a wound
  • ♤: Taking a bath together
  • ♧: Your muse playing with their hair
  • ♡: Accidentally falling asleep together
  • ♢: Forehead or cheek kisses
  • ♠: Your muse adjusting their jewelry/neck tie/ etc.
  • ♣: Back scratches
  • ♥: Your muse crying about something
  • ♦: Slow dancing
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