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"I just -"

      She knows the Doctor doesn’t like to talk about the Ponds, and frankly she doesn’t like to talk about them much either. And whenever the topic of her parents comes up, her mother especially, River is usually the one doing the comforting, reassuring the Doctor that they would have wanted him to do this or that, telling him it wasn’t his fault and shoving down the heartbreak and the regret and the angerbecause yes, she was angry, no matter how she tried to deny it (even to herself). But sometimes, it was difficult to keep those emotions under wraps, and some days - some very rare days, when her husband had been away for too long or when work was hell or when she was just having a bad day, when she needed her mother like all daughters do even though Amy wasn’t there to hold her any longer - it exploded out of her like regeneration energy, her very being crackling with grief and fury, and it was bad luck for anyone unfortunate enough to witness it.


            “I miss her so damn much, and it’s killing me that she’s gone, Doctor. It’s killing me.”



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Pond Family Portrait

A commissioned piece that took far too long to finish, but the concept was so fun that I couldn’t resist! A scrapbook-style page of photos featuring Amy Pond and her rather unique family. With the Doctor and River making everything a challenge, of course. XD | Print Shop | My Doctor Who Art Tumblr

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ship meme: river/the doctor

Who climaxes first?

River, usually, though she tries very hard to switch that up as often as she can.

Who is the loudest during sex?

River, by far. It’s kind of ridiculous.

Who suggests kinks to try?

Usually River, but the older he gets the more often the Doctor surprises her by bringing up something for them to try out - and she always loves it.

Who suggests participating in an threesome or orgy?

Surprisingly, the Doctor - well, the first time, anyway. River developed quite a taste for that sort of thing after that, and seizes every opportunity she can to invite someone else into their bed.

Who would be more likely to be into bdsm?

They both are, though River greatly prefers to be the dominant one.

Who goes out and buys sex toys?

They both do. It’s like a fun little outing for them.

Who masturbates more?

Probably River, though she doesn’t pretend to know everything the Doctor does behind closed doors. Then again, the nature of their relationship keeps them apart more often than not, so it’s become a normal thing for them both, especially in later years.

Which one goes out of their way to sexually please the other?

The Doctor. River is all about giving as much as she takes, of course, but the Doctor is always eager to please, and she loves it.

Which one likes to “do” it in unconventional places? (Ex. Table, washing machine, piano. )

River - she gets a definite thrill out of trying new things, especially when it comes to strange places. 

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  • Who climaxes first?
  • Who is the loudest during sex?
  • Who suggests kinks to try?
  • Who suggests participating in an threesome or orgy?
  • Who would be more likely to be into bdsm?
  • Who goes out and buys sex toys?
  • Who masturbates more?
  • Which one goes out of their way to sexually please the other?
  • Which one likes to “do” it in unconventional places? (Ex. Table, washing machine, piano. )

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You’re a mother aren’t you?
How did you know?
There’s a kindness in your eyes. And sadness.

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Noticing the way River leans into his touch, he keeps his hand where it is; fingertips ghosting over flushed features. “And?” He’s obviously not swayed, though he can’t help but respect River’s effort. He can be just as stubborn as her, though.

"Time machine, remember? You’re not seemin’ t’really grasp the concept." He calls himself ‘the Doctor’, it should go without saying now that she’s sick, she’s going to be fussed over. Likely rather relentlessly, as per his own personal style.

"Relax first. Get better. Then you can unearth a lost city. You’ll be back before anyone notices y’went anywhere at all.”

Goodness, that feels nice. Reassuring, even. She doesn’t really like letting people take care of her, but this feels nothing short of perfect. “And there are thirty people to organize, maps to study, research to be done - no matter what you say, archaeology is serious business.

She can’t help but smile. “I grasp the concept just fine, thank you,” she says, swatting his hand away. “But I cheat my way out of deadlines all the time with my manipulator - I thought I’d at least make an attempt to do one honest dig from start to finish.” And look where that’s gotten her.

With a dramatic sigh, she takes another sip of tea and relaxes properly against the headboard, admitting defeat. “Fine, fine. Look at you - really living up to your name now, aren’t we?”

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I don’t think I know who The Doctor is anymore. [x]

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"This is why y’can’t be runnin’ yourself too thin," the Doctor remarks, with a hint of gentle scolding in his voice. He reaches out to River, smooths rogue curls out of her face, takes his time about it. His cooler skin might feel nice against hers.

"You won’t die. You will, however, stay here until you’re feelin’ better. And I mean totally refreshed, no ‘oh, I feel slightly less than death’ when y’wake up tomorrow and try t’head out." There’s no sense in getting sick again. "It’ll do a world of good, you know." 

"I can’t help it. Sheppard is supposed to help with most of the planning, but he’s buggered off to god-knows where with his husband for a third honeymoon and dumped all the work on me. And who else is going to do it?” His touch is unexpected, but more than welcome, and River leans into his hand with a sigh - it really does feel nice.

"Doctor, no. I have a million things to do, I can’t just lie around for days on end - no matter how much better I’ll feel for it. I can relax after we’ve unearthed a lost city.” She’s not going to lie, though - no matter how much she protests, there’s nothing she’d like more than to relax for a couple of days.

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"Careful now, that sort of talk will go straight to my head." He perches upon the edge of the bed, careful not to jostle the liquid in the tea cup. "Rest, hydration. Soon enough you’ll be right as rain."

He would feel her forehead to check for fever, but their different body temperatures would render the gesture moot. She looks flushed, though.

"What else is ailin’ you?"

"Hm. Truthfully I don’t think I can do any further damage to your ego, sweetie, it’s already about as big as it can get." She scoots over, carefully, and sweeps some of the debris away with her free hand so he has more room to sit, feeling almost bad about the mess she’s made. Almost.

She groans. “God, I don’t know. Headache, stomachache, a nose like a leaky faucet - I’ll spare you the gritty details, just rest assured that this is almost entirely stress-induced and if I don’t die today, this dig is going to be the end of me.”

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"You’re not dyin’." The Doctor sets the tea tray full of sick people stuff down on the bedside table, and hands her a steaming cup of tea. "Herbal, put some honey in it. Will make your throat feel better without keepin’ you awake."

"Yes, I am. Truly.” She’s slouched over in bed amid a sea of pillows and tissues, but the prospect of tea is enough to make her drag herself into a sitting position against the headboard. It’s delicious, even if it is hot enough to scald her mouth, and she can’t keep from humming in appreciation, eyes fluttering shut. “Thank you. You’re a saint, did you know that? So kind of you to look after me like this in my final hours.”

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I think I’m dying.”

      She’s not, of course - she’s just really, really ill, and while River can take broken bones and grievous wounds like a champ, nothing takes her down like a common cold. Pathetic.

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