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        Nice of you to drop by finally. What sort of time do you call this?

      Well, you know - I’m a busy girl, mother, but I would have come by anytime if you called. Or texted. Or tweeted. Where are we for you?

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Now -

 - - -   there’s a face I haven’t seen in quite some time. Hello, stranger.

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Hey.  Hey. Where am I? You’re safe now. Apparently, you used all your remaining regenerations in one go. You shouldn’t have done that. Mother, I had to try. I know.

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doctor who tomorrow
doctor who tomorrow
doctor who tomorrow
doctor who t o m o r r o w

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       -  -  - i’m gonna marathon some dw tonight and see if i can’t get this blog
      back into shape :o if anyone wants a starter of some kind like this post or
      somethin maybe i’ll write some stuff up for ya or also come plot with me
      my skype is available to anyone who asks for it

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A surge of triumph washes through him at the sound River makes, but it’s replaced by nerves when her arms come around his neck; hearts skipping a beat in his chest, and then they’re fluttering wildly.

He tries to play it off, carry on as if River doesn’t faze him as his fingers work out the tension in her neck. “I try my best.”

She makes another small sound, a low hum this time because god does that feel good, but no matter how nice this is and no matter how much she’d like to just slump against the Doctor and let him go to town on the significant ache in her shoulders, she knows this man inside and out and she can’t miss the change in his demeanour, no matter how slight. 

 Her arms slip down again, until it’s only her hands resting on his shoulders now. “Something the matter?”

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"Pressure? What’s wrong with pressure? I do my best thinking under pressure." If only because they’re the reactions he’s looking for, the Doctor notices the shiver as well as the way River leans closer. There’s unmistakable fondness in his eyes, and a smug smirk on his lips.

He begins to stroke River’s hair in earnest now, massaging her scalp. “Feel good?”

"Fair point," she agreed. "Pressure works well for you, I’ve no doubt it’s saved both our skins more than once - but not so much for me."

A noise escapes her before she can help it, a breathy little sigh of pleasure, and she gives up entirely and leans into his touch properly, turning to wrap her arms around his neck and press close. Her eyes close. “Mhmm,” she says, rather dreamily. “You do know how to please a girl.”

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"I suppose not,” he says with a heavy sigh, as if he’s just so put upon. The Doctor noticed her reaction to the hair touching though, and he does it again; this time tucking curls behind her ear, letting his fingers brush against River’s cheek.

"Not interrupting anything important, am I?"

"I’d say it’s a pretty nice deal. If you have the best hair - well, it’s just so much pressure." The poor dear. Her smile widening, she leans into his touch, hoping her shiver isn’t entirely obvious.

"Nothing at all. In fact, I’m glad for the company. It is rather nice to have someone else to share my pain with - about the curls, I mean.”

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          oh, she’s gone and done it now. gently brows furrow over
             distant hues. she is not attempting to think up an excuse, for she 
             knows that none would be acceptable, but she is cursing the doctor
             to ever version of hell she can think of. he’d kept her over a week 
             longer than he’d been meant to, the gaps of her absences were only
             getting longer each time she stepped aboard the TARDIS. would she
             be a month late next time? two months? it was hard to tell but just 
             by way of river’s expression alone she knows she’s messed up, even
             as she attempts to hide it. a mother’s eyes know. they always know. 

             ’ well, uh —— it’s hard to say. we kind of… crash landed. some sort of
             malfunction he claims but i think he just pressed the wrong button. ‘ 
             there is a pause, loaded and heavy. ’ river, i ——— am so sorry. ‘ 

      she doesn’t know why she feels so guilty when she’s the one who’s
   been wronged, but she does - perhaps it’s because it’s always been
   like this, daughter comforting mother, hiding this and lying about that
   until even river herself begins to question what’s right and what isn’t.
   seeing that look on amy’s face - seeing the guilt and the sorrow - it’s
   only ever been a sign that she’s slipped up, and immediately she regrets
   letting her disappointment show at all.

        “well,” she said. “i’m glad you got home safe, at least. that’s something.”
     what an idiot. the next time she sees the doctor, she’s going to slap him
     silly - or at least give him a very stern talking to. “don’t be, it’s fine. i was
     just worried.” well, that’s not entirely a lie.



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"Y’know? I think I like havin’ curls," the Doctor says, ignoring her question. His finger swipes at a rogue curl of River’s to punctuate his point, "You’re upstagin’ me, though."

Her eyes flutter shut, just for a moment, because god does she love it when people touch her hair. She smiles. “Well, they certainly suit you, sweetie. I’m afraid I can’t help that, though - having the second-best curls in the universe can’t be that bad, can it?”

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          ’ —— he said it’d be wednesday. i should have known
             better. ’ the statement is exasperated, slightly somber.
             it’s hard to pinpoint an exact emotion but she’d tossed
             somewhere between frustration and trepidation. ’ i —
             saturday, wow. he’s really got… bad aim. ‘ 

      “he’s a liar, and a rubbish flier to boot, you should know that by now.”
   she frowns harder, definitely disappointed now - they’d had plans. and in
   any case, what’s the doctor doing running around leadworth with her
   mother and not even stopping in to say hi?"it’s not even the right saturday,
   you know, it’s the saturday after you were supposed to be back. where did
   you even go?

[Boops her nose.]

[wrinkles her nose]

     Can I help you?

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